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The Boy on the Orient Express (5)
"Kubo, where.. did you get this?" Sariatu repeats the question, reading through the pages again.
She nervously scrutinizes them, as though hoping they were something else entirely.
But there's no doubt about it, the pages are the same pale hue of baby blue.
And right then and there, Sariatu says what's been on everyone's mind:
"These are your grandfather's journal entries.  Where did you find them?"
"...It was him, he found them." Kubo fibs clumsily, pointing to the origami samurai.
Little Hanzo was an origami creation of Kubo's, crafted to find things he could not. 
But the paper samurai merely shrugs, and Sariatu isn't buying it anyway.
"I found it in the attic." Kubo confesses sheepishly.
"This is the entry about the Orient Express, very intense stuff for a child."  His mother remarks, her tone doubtful.
"But a smart child nonetheless, who's managed to read this far."  Hanzo muses matter-of-factly.
"Mother, I know you told me Grandfather st
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Leaving the Human Life Behind
Lorien could see it, but she was having a hard time believing it. Jim’s friends had managed to steal the entire Killahead bridge, piece by piece, from a container ship under the sea, then they found a way to bring their fallen friend back from the grave, and then he became a vessel for the spirit of a fallen Troll Hunter so they could open the bridge. And now they have all gone in to save Jim. All except for Draal who stayed behind to guard it, as his father wished.
Lorien thought about what he said right after Jim’s companions raced in after him: “Bring back our Troll Hunter, my friends.”
She looked the other way and sat on her legs.
In the centuries she spent living as something else, Lorien has been through a number of people she thought of as friends. Some, it turns out, were not worthy of the title, others she thought of as family. None of them, however, could fill the void that the death of her twin brother left inside of her.
Torien was purely ir
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The Summit
Dear Diary, 
Eight months and four days. That’s how long I have been on this mountain. Eight long months of trudging over harsh, rugged terrain, and climbing up steep, rocky cliffs, one right after the other to the point where it became nearly second nature to me; anxiety producing, but second nature nonetheless- and four restless days. I remember the days leading up to my adventure- the fear that I had continued to allow to bubble up inside of me to the point where I already had felt weary and discouraged. The first day of my mission, if I remember correctly, I had just standing at the foot of this beast of a land mass, already feeling sick to my stomach, and looking up, I noticed that the peak had been cloaked in a thick veil of dark, ominous storm clouds. It had already seemed as if  the very thing I coveted: the top, was just as I had originally suspected it to be- simply unobtainable. I thought to myself: “why even bother?” but as soon as I ha
:iconkwaziicat:KwaziiCat 4 17
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This is something new, a step into a world of canvas and paint. Every detail in this masterpiece nearly exemplifies perfection! If it w...

This embodies everything I like about Big Chill! For starters, he is mysterious, practically phantasmal and ghostly. He's slender and e...

Your art not only captures the characters' physical appearance, but also their charming personalities! Monkey's pout establishes her ha...

Very colorful, this is a friendly scene! It's like a celebration of Gilda's rebirth as a redeemed character. And like most great art, i...

Earth Needs Some Love I love the earth + Earth Hour Make the World Spin :earth: Earth Hug the Earth :earth: 

This goes out to everyone who understands the value of trees and wild life :aww:

Hope you've all made it a Happy Earth day :D



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